On March 2, 2005 with the Municipal Ordinance No. 368-2005, NBCC was authorized to formally start the opening of class in AY 2005-2006. CHED has recognized the initial course offerings, and one of them is the Bachelor of Science in Commerce with majors in Banking and Finance, Entrepreneurial Marketing, and Management Accounting with a total of 98 enrollees and was headed by Ma’am Sheila K. Maglente, MBA.

During the AY 2007-2008, the curriculum of the commerce program was changed per CHED Order No. 39 from Bachelor of Science in Commerce of Science in Commerce to Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. This move changed the major offerings from Banking and Finance to Financial Management; Entrepreneurial Marketing to Marketing Management, and Management Accounting to Operations Management.

As time goes by BSBA Department delivered graduates who are very successful in their fields, and that made the BSBA department to strive more and provide highly quality graduates. Currently, BSBA department has 11 Faculty and has more than 1,000 enrollees.


The department of Business Administration offers a degree in Bachelor of Science in Business Administration majors in Financial Management, Marketing Management, and Operations Management. The department aims to produce highly quality graduates that can compete internationally. Graduates who possess not just the basic knowledge of the courses but also the vital qualities a leader needed. A leader who can communicate effectively to people and its society. A leader who can easily adjust and adapt the environment, may it be in social, political, economic, technological, political or legal. A leader who exhibits moral and ethical courage, and set as an example for everyone in the institution.



The Financial Management program prepares the graduates for various careers in financial management as wells as in related fields, including but not limited to, corporate finance, investment management, banking, credit, trust operations, insurance, foreign currency markets, money markets, capital markets, and other financial, securities markets. The curriculum provides the graduate with knowledge on financial institutions and technical skills based on established financial theories, methodologies, and various analytical tools. It also promotes an outlook that is based primarily on ethics, market integrity, regulations, good governance and competitive global perspective, necessary for effective financial decision making.


The Marketing Management program prepares the graduate for careers in marketing, market research, advertising and public relations. The curriculum provides the graduate, with bot technical skills competencies required in the field, but also the flexible mindset that is necessary to stay competitive in a constantly changing business environment.


The Operations Management program prepares students to manage the operations of manufacturing, agri-business, as well as service enterprises, focusing on the need effectively and efficiently produce and deliver products and services on time and within budget. The program curriculum covers all aspects of operations within the organization, including the management of purchases, inventory, production and service quality, logistics, supply chain and distribution.