Elevating Pedagogy: NBSC Seminar Ignites Conversations on Ethics
and the Art of Questioning

Northern Bukidnon State College (NBSC) successfully organized a two-day Seminar-Workshop on Instructional Design with Technology and Constructive Alignment on August 7 and 8, 2023. The event aimed to enhance the teaching methodologies of educators through the integration of technology and constructive alignment principles. Renowned educator and speaker, Dr. Edralin C. Manla, Dean of Xavier University – School of Education, captivated participants with her insightful presentations.

The seminar-workshop covered two significant topics, providing valuable insights, and practical strategies for educators to elevate their teaching practices:

Code of Ethics for Professional Teachers

Participants were divided into groups, fostering engaging discussions on the essential principles of the Code of Ethics for Professional Teachers. Under the expert guidance of Dr. Edralin C. Manla, attendees delved into the core ideas encapsulated within the code, exploring real-life scenarios, and examples to deepen their understanding. The interactive approach enabled teachers to reflect on their roles and responsibilities, reinforcing their commitment to ethical teaching practices.

The Art of Questioning

Dr. Manla guided participants through practical exercises and case studies, showcasing how well-framed questions can lead to deeper comprehension and meaningful engagement. Attendees discovered ways to scaffold questions, promote open-ended inquiries, and adapt their questioning approach to diverse classroom scenarios. The workshop provided a collaborative environment for educators to share experiences, exchange ideas, and refine their skills in crafting thought-provoking questions.

Dr. Jovelyn G. Delosa, the Vice President for Academic Affairs of Northern Bukidnon State College, expressed her gratitude to Dr. Edralin C. Manla for sharing her expertise and empowering educators with transformative insights. She stated, “This seminar-workshop underscores our commitment to providing our educators with the latest tools and techniques to enhance their teaching practices. We are dedicated to fostering a dynamic and forward-thinking educational environment.”

The event concluded with a sense of camaraderie and a renewed passion for teaching, setting the stage for a more engaging and effective academic year ahead.

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