NBSC GEC holds Pagsaulog, a celebration of culture

Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon – On May 9, 2023, the Northern Bukidnon State College (NBSC) General Education Curriculum (GEC) hosted a culminating activity called Pagsaulog with the theme “Crafting a Peaceful Future: Celebrating Moros and Indigenous People’s Diversity and Creativity.” The event aimed to promote cultural diversity, awareness, and understanding while advocating for peace and unity among different communities in the Philippines.

Pagsaulog, derived from the Bisayan language, translates to ‘to celebrate’ or ‘to observe.’ The program was organized for the students enrolled in various courses namely GE 11 – Philippine Indigenous Communities and Peace Studies under Mr. Jade Harley C. Bretaña; CCS 6 – Philippine Indigenous Creative Crafts under Mr. Lemar V. Pugoy and Ms. Zandra Shelle Y. Ordinan; GE 8 – Ethics (with an emphasis on Filipino Culture) under Ms. Genevieve Marie E. Bolanio, Mr. Jade C. Gerona, and Mr. Inocencio M. Ragas; and RSS 6 – Peace Studies under Mr. Alven L. Gomez and Mr. Johnyets A. Rollan.

The event featured various activities, including attire presentations of the Indigenous People (IP) and Moros, dialogue with selected IP communities, and an exhibit of Indigenous Creative Crafts. The presentations featured the unique and diverse clothing styles and designs of the IPs and Muslim communities. The dialogue engaged the students in meaningful conversation that provided them with a deeper understanding of the unique culture and experiences of the IPs. Furthermore, the exhibit showcased a diverse collection of handmade crafts and artwork created by Indigenous People, with recognition given to the best Indigenous Creative Crafts.The Pagsaulog was a successful event that provided an opportunity for the students to broaden their horizons and appreciate the cultural heritage of the Indigenous People and Moros. The NBSC General Education Curriculum intends to continue organizing these events that promote cultural understanding and awareness among the students.

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