Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon – The Northern Bukidnon State College (NBSC) Sports and Athletics Office recently organized a two-day tryout on July 20–21, 2023. The event aimed to provide equal opportunities for students from diverse backgrounds and academic disciplines to showcase their athletic prowess and passion for sports. The participants exhibited an impressive display of sportsmanship, skill, and teamwork, engaging in individual and dual sports on the first day, followed by team sports on the second.

Before the tryout, Ms. Grace P. Quiblat, the Sports Coordinator, conducted a comprehensive orientation for the student-athletes, highlighting the significance of fair play, good sportsmanship, and a healthy sense of competition in their pursuit of excellence. The first day was filled with excitement as the participants competed passionately in individual and dual sports. However, the second day’s Basketball and Volleyball games, held at the NBSC-covered court, truly captivated everyone’s attention. The aspiring student-athletes showcased unwavering dedication and exceptional skills in various sports, displaying outstanding coordination, communication, and leadership abilities. The atmosphere was filled with enthusiasm and encouragement throughout the event.

The tryout’s success has strengthened Northern Bukidnon State College’s commitment to sports and athletics. The institution remains dedicated to providing unwavering support, training, and essential resources to help these talented individuals excel and proudly represent the college in various competitions. The Sports and Athletics Office wholeheartedly appreciates the NBSC Administration and the General Education Curriculum (GEC) Faculty for their efforts in facilitating the event and acknowledges the invaluable contribution of the coaches. The names of the student-athletes who passed the screening will be released promptly.

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