Northern Bukidnon State College and Commission on Population and Development Region X Join Forces to Study Factors Influencing Incidence of Teenage Pregnancy in Northern Mindanao

June 27, 2023, Northern Mindanao – Northern Bukidnon State College (NBSC) and the Commission on Population and Development (CPD) Region X are pleased to announce the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to undertake the extension of the institutional research project focusing on the Factors Influencing Incidence of Teenage Pregnancy in Northern Mindanao.

This collaborative effort between NBSC and CPD X aims to shed light on the complex factors contributing to teenage pregnancy in the region and devise strategies to address this critical issue. The research project will employ a multidisciplinary approach, incorporating social, cultural, economic, and educational perspectives.

The MOU signing signifies the commitment of both institutions to collaborate closely, share resources, and pool their expertise to conduct comprehensive research. Through this partnership, NBSC and CPD aspire to generate data-driven insights, identify risk factors, and propose evidence-based interventions that will contribute to the reduction of teenage pregnancy rates in Northern Mindanao.

Dr. Catherine Roween C. Alamaden, President of Northern Bukidnon State College, expressed her enthusiasm for the collaboration in addressing the pressing issue of teenage pregnancy. By conducting rigorous research and analysis, NBSC aims to better understand the factors at play and develop sustainable solutions that will positively impact the lives of young people in our region.

The Regional Director of the Commission on Population and Development X, Dir. Neil Aldrin G. Omega, also expressed his support for the joint effort, emphasizing the importance of research in tackling teenage pregnancy. The collaboration with Northern Bukidnon State College signifies CPD X’s commitment to evidence-based decision-making. By understanding the factors influencing teenage pregnancy, CPD X can tailor the interventions to be more effective and provide appropriate support to adolescents and their families.

The extension of the research project will commence this July. The findings will be disseminated widely to various stakeholders, including policymakers, educators, healthcare professionals, and community organizations, to foster a coordinated and holistic approach to addressing teenage pregnancy.

NBSC and CPD X are excited about the potential impact of this collaborative research project and look forward to contributing to the welfare and well-being of the youth in Northern Mindanao.

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