PAGMUGNA Program Empowers NBSC Faculty to Maximize Program Performance

Northern Bukidnon State College successfully hosted the PAGMUGNA Institutional Cycle 2 program on September 11 and 12, 2023, at the NBSC Library. Dr. Jovelyn G. Delosa, Vice President for Academic Affairs, led a dynamic workshop attended by faculty members from diverse disciplines.

PAGMUGNA was a transformative two-day event that centered on the theme “Maximizing Performance in the Program” through innovative pedagogical approaches. Dr. Jovelyn G. Delosa, an esteemed expert in assessment and evaluation, served as the facilitator, delivering insightful presentations, and facilitating interactive discussions.

The primary focus of PAGMUGNA was to explore the concept of the Table of Specifications, its automation for processing data, and its alignment with various learning taxonomies, including Revised Bloom’s Taxonomy, SOLO Taxonomy, and Fink’s Taxonomy. Participants gained a deeper understanding of how these taxonomies can be leveraged to design more effective curricula and assessments that cater to diverse learning needs.

One of the event’s key highlights was the hands-on workshop, where all faculty members engaged in the creation of rubrics following the GRASPS model. This model, which stands for Goals, Roles, Audience, Situation, Product/Performance, and Standards, provided a structured framework for designing authentic assessment tools. Participants were encouraged to integrate the institution’s 2F3C model seamlessly into their curriculum, ensuring that learning outcomes are aligned with the institution’s program goals.

Dr. Delosa expressed her enthusiasm for the event’s success, saying, “PAGMUGNA was a valuable opportunity for our dedicated faculty members to explore innovative teaching and assessment strategies. By anchoring the Table of Specifications in various learning taxonomies and using the GRASPS model, educators can enhance their ability to tailor their programs to the unique needs of their students.”

The event fostered collaboration and knowledge sharing among participants, who left with practical tools and insights to improve program performance and student outcomes.

NBSC remains committed to advancing scholarly excellence and promoting effective teaching and learning practices.

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