Social Entrepreneurship 101

In an inspiring and educational gathering, a seminar on “Social Entrepreneurship 101” brought together enthusiastic individuals from various backgrounds to explore the transformative world of social entrepreneurship. We were hosted by the Office of Congressman Jose Manuel F. Alba, First District of Bukidnon, Institute of Social Entrepreneurship in Asia, Ateneo Center for Social Entrepreneurship, Present Coalition, Freedom for All, Australian Aid, and Oxfam. The training was conducted in Bamboo Pavilion and Dream Residences, Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon, last October 19-20, 2023. Northern Bukidnon State College participants include the different unit heads from the Research and Extension Department, the Income Generating Program Office, and the Business Administration Department. Our gratitude to our College President, Dr. Catherine Roween C. Almaden, our Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Jovelyn G. Delosa, and our Vice President for Administration and Finance, Dr. Helen E. Maasin, for the opportunity to let Northern Bukidnon State College participate in the training.  This event provided a platform for participants to dive into the core principles, strategies, and real-world applications of social entrepreneurship, igniting their passion for positive change.

The seminar, focused on the fundamentals of social entrepreneurship, was designed to empower attendees with the knowledge, tools, and motivation needed to become effective change agents. Recognizing the growing importance of social entrepreneurship in addressing societal issues, the event covered a broad spectrum of topics. Social enterprises are mission-driven and wealth-creating organizations primarily serving marginalized sectors, providing access to essential services and sustainable livelihoods.

A comprehensive and enabling policy framework in recognizing and supporting social enterprises is critical to assist the recovery of the sector and people experiencing poverty they serve. With systematic government support, social enterprises can potentially reduce poverty and inequality on a grand scale. The seminar highlighted successful social enterprises, including a Kauyagan Multipurpose Cooperative, Bambuhay, and 1Bambuhayahay.

Social entrepreneurship is more relevant than ever as the world faces various challenges, from climate change to poverty and inequality. This seminar has provided a valuable stepping stone for participants to embark on their journeys with the knowledge and inspiration needed to create a brighter, more sustainable future. The excitement and dedication displayed at this seminar promise a lot filled with innovative solutions and positive change.

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