PAG-PANGANDAM: 1st Semester In-service Training and Workshop for NBSC GEC Faculty Members

Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon – On August 16, 2023, Northern Bukidnon State College resonated with academic vigor as the General Education Curriculum (GEC) Faculty and Staff gathered for the “Pag-pangandam,” In-service Training and Workshop. This event marked a significant milestone in the institution’s pursuit of educational excellence, serving as both a preparatory endeavor for the forthcoming school year 2023-2024 and a platform for enriching the instructional methodologies of the GEC department. Attended by both seasoned educators and fresh faces, the event aimed to integrate and harmonize the collective pedagogical approaches for a cohesive learning experience.

The training was facilitated by Mr. Franco Agbalog, whose adept guidance led the participants through the art of crafting Course Learning Outcomes (CLOs). His insightful strategies not only ignited the creative spirit of the educators but also fortified their commitment to fostering student-centered learning. Simultaneously, Ms. Sandra Pamn Ibarra facilitated a comprehensive discussion on the institution’s diverse forms, while providing essential guidance in the meticulous creation of Output Rating Sheet (ORS) entries. Mr. Rolan Mancha, the GEC Program Head, orchestrated an engaging session centered around the meticulous development of the Individual Performance Commitment and Review Form (IPCRF), honing in on the strategic functions that give life to each role. His guidance empowered the staff to align their professional aspirations with the institution’s goals, ensuring a dynamic synergy between personal growth and organizational excellence. Simultaneously, Mr. John Mark Boyonas, NSTP coordinator, led enlightening dialogues around the core functions within the IPCRF, shedding light on each individual’s significant contributions. 

The active involvement of Dr. Jovelyn G. Delosa, the Vice President for Academic Affairs, further enriched the proceedings. Her valuable inputs not only underscored the institution’s unwavering dedication to academic advancement but also reaffirmed the collaborative spirit that permeates Northern Bukidnon State College. As the curtains drew close on this fruitful endeavor, it was undeniable that the “Pag-pangandam” event had triumphantly equipped the GEC faculty and staff with the tools and insights necessary to navigate the intricacies of the upcoming academic year, promising a future adorned with knowledge, innovation, and collective achievement.

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